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Leadership and Management - The Forgotten Art
This section focuses on various aspects of leadership and management. Having managed a wide range of projects in terms of budget, team size and geographies, and in equally wide range of industries for over 13 years, I consider myself as a fairly decent project manager. As such, this section, while focusing on leadership and management in general terms, puts special emphasis on project management and its various areas. Further, regardless of the industries I have worked in, my entire career, spanning over 19 years, has been in IT. Therefore, most of the examples I discuss in this section are related to the IT field.

While I have found much of the lost content from my original website, I lost most of the pictures and their source PowerPoint Slides when I lost my backup hard drive. Therefore, it will take a while before this section is completely built. I will be slowly putting out all the sections that have text only, and building the pictures/slides from the text for the rest.