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Woodinville, WA
Defining Scope of And Effectively Running A Meeting
March 15, 2009
Part 2 - Before the Meeting
tep 1: A crucial aspect of a successful meeting is to decide on a clear purpose, goal, and the agenda of the meeting. Answer the questions - Why do we want to meet (purpose)? What do we want to accomplish at the end of the meeting (goal)? What are the steps to, or how do we get there (agenda)? These answers form the scope of the meeting. Everything else falls outside the scope. Be clear and ensure clarity.
Step 2: Who are the key players that would/could contribute to the outcome of the meeting? These key contributors could be the subject matter experts (business or technology), decision makers, and the actual workers (who do the work). (Tip: Keep this group as small as required).
Step 3: Figure out a time that suits most of the key contributors, and a place (conference room, virtual, teleconference bridge etc) for the meeting. At times (emergency or otherwise), it could be difficult to secure the same timeslot from all key contributors. Start making 1:1 phone calls to make them aware of the information from Step 1, and enlist their support/commitment.
Step 4: Setup the meeting. Provide any additional information or supporting documentation before hand. Plan on bringing enough printed copies to the meeting (if in a conference room). If some of the key contributors declined the meeting, and you cannot incentivize them enough to attend conflicting priorities), immediately reschedule the meeting to a better suited time.
Once the meeting is setup, and all key contributors have accepted the invite, you are ready to roll - waiting for the meeting to occur.
  • Identify the purpose, goal, and agenda for the meeting - Why should we meet? What do we accomplish? How do we get there?
  • Identify the key contributors to the meeting - Who can help us get there?
  • Identify a suitable timeslot for key contributors and enlist their support to ensure attendance and participation
  • Setup the meeting and provide additional/support information before hand