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Woodinville, WA
Defining Scope of And Effectively Running A Meeting
March 21, 2009
Part 6 - After the Meeting
ow that the meeting is concluded, what next? The answer to that depends on how the meeting closed. There are several steps that will have to take place regardless of how the meeting closes, and several steps that depend on how the meeting closes.
Regardless of how the meeting closed:
  • Send out a Minutes of the Meeting (MoM) email to all the invitees (attended or not)
  • Include a brief summary of the discussion, the (various) outcome (s), key action items (along with ownerships and timeframes), any key escalations (along with escalation owners and timeframes), and next steps - what do we do? where do we go from here?
  • Remember that this email is not an account of who said what to cover our tracks. The intent is to bring everyone on to the same page where we landed at the end of the meeting.
  • Meticulously follow up on any action items, escalations, decisions, risks, issues, and other meetings that must be set up or people to be informed
  • Enter such items (as actions, escalations, decisions, risks, issues etc.) into respective project artifacts (logs),
  • Move with general project management tasks of managing, monitoring and controlling such items
If the meeting closed without meeting the pre-defined goal, in addition to the above actions, take the following actions as well.
  • Send minutes of the meeting, preferably within the hour (and always the same day) of concluding the meeting
  • Follow up on any action items, decisions, issues, escalations, risks, groundwork etc.
  • If a follow up meeting is called for, schedule the follow up meeting (get on people's calendars) ASAP
  • Give yourself (and the team) the required time to complete the groundwork, so that the follow up meeting can achieve the goal