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My Ramblings
Pick your battles - not because you can win them, but because the cause is worthy!
Because, in the end, Win or Lose does not matter. What matters is
You stood against a mightier force, and stood for what you strongly believed in.
You may be tired, you may be bleeding, you may be facing an immanent defeat.
But as long as you don't give up, or give in,
You are standing tall, with your head held high, telling yourself -
I did not become a part of this madness. I resisted, I fought for a better world.
And I am going down with my identity and integrity intact!

Don't fight just the battles you can win. Win or lose, Fight the battles that are worth fighting!

he idea of rambling is to write or say anything you want and get away with it claiming "I was venting" or "I was distressed". Well, neither is the case here. While I intend wandering around a variety of subjects... actually, I have no idea what I will write here. That's the whole point! These are "spur of the moment" things that I think up based on some conversation I had with someone I know from somewhere in the world, that struck a nerve inside me, resulting in a ramble. It may not even be about the person or the topic of our conversation. I may have been thinking something totally unrelated during the conversation, or a domino effect that zoomed through a million layers and ended up million miles away and became a ramble.
Bottom line - these ramblings are purely my observations and/or made up stuff and do not refer to anyone anywhere, unless otherwise explicitly stated or quoted. If you think they do, then it is your imagination and not a reality. I am not a scientist, a psychologist, or any other ist. My ramblings make no such claims nor have any such basis. I am not responsible for any perceived reference, or perceived scientific claims, by any reader. Any such perception is unintentional on my part, and purely coincidental.